About Us

The Nude & Rude Revue is a performance art collective specializing in variety, vaudeville, burlesque, song, and dance. Our innovative ideas, classical training, and artful arrangements all show clearly that our joy is to share art. Nude & Rude began as a state of mind and life philosophy shared by the troupe while living in Skagway, Alaska. Allow us to tantalize, empower, celebrate, and surprise with an array of acts fueled by humor, tease, and an abundance of glamour. We invite all humans into our world to escape and play. Let the skeptics become believers; let the believers fall in love.

Try it... you’ll like it!


Featuring Our Core Troupe and Location Based Performers

Meet the cast of Nude & Rude "Guilty Pleasures" Fall of 2019.


Lady Lacroix


Lady Lacroix is a Juneau local who has performed creatively since taking up piano at age six. She grew up making art with both her music and her hands, and has been continuing on with her love of performing, creating and producing; participating in Folk Fest, Juneau’s Wearable Arts, and on the stage of Perseverance Theatre. With a nearly complete degree in business, she’s been able to make the dreams of our troupe a reality, mixing her artistic knowledge with a hefty dose of professionalism and, of course, spreadsheets.


Miss Davie Coquette


Davie was first allured to burlesque through drag and boylesque. She subsequently graduated Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in Seattle to further her loves of performance and of rhinestones. Cameron has performed all over Alaska and Washington, both vocally and as an ecdysiast, and has produced burlesque shows in Skagway and Juneau since 2016. It is her dream come to fruition to tour her home state with this phenomenal crew of artists. If this (or any other) performance has changed your life, she urges you to try it... You’ll like it!


Meowchelle Pfeifurr

Performer/Stage Kitten

Meowchelle is a newcomer to the stage and the world of burlesque. She popped her cabaret cherry when she was invited to perform as Stage Kitten in Skagway Burlesque’s Juneau show at the Red Dog Saloon, September 2017. This amateur is ecstatic to be a part of the Nude & Rude 2018 tour, learning from burlesque’s best and brightest while bringing her own prowess to the stage. MEOW. 


Ula La

Performer/Dance Capitan

Ula is no stranger to the stage. Anya has performed in professional musical, play, concert and touring productions as well as various interactive theatre art pieces across the United States since 2006, just one year before receiving her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Kent State University. Burlesque, however, is this merrymaker’s newest and most enchanting artistic endeavor yet. Anya has been a part of Skagway Burlesque since it’s inaugural performance in 2016 and is over the moon to be a member of the wonderful new artist collective that is the Nude & Rude Revue. Gratitude and love to Taylor and Cameron for this magical opportunity. “The secret of being boring is to say everything.” -Voltaire


Dancin' Delilah


Delilah is a New York City-based performing and teaching artist. She stumbled into the burlesque world last summer while performing in Skagway, Alaska, and – intrigued and wooed by its quirks, tease, humor, class, and endless possibilities – has yet to leave. Last summer she was seen strutting and tapping on the stages of Skagway’s Red Onion Saloon and Juneau’s Red Dog Saloon. Upon her return to New York, she signed on as a performer, choreographer, and founding board member of Comedy Burlesque NYC, between other performance and teaching gigs in the Greenwich Village area. She is blessed to be continuing her Alaskan journey with an incredible team of artists and friends.


Infinity Divinity


Bio coming soon!


Tim, aka Spruce Schindler


Timothy originally hails from Northern Minnesota and made his initial trek to Alaska in 2013. He has been playing piano and performing for 15 years. His theatre credits include: Romeo and Juliet (Nurse) and Midsummer's Nights Dream (Bottom) with 360 youth repertory, Pirates of Penzance (Ensemble) with Lyric Opera of the North, and many small companies and cabarets. As a drag performer, he started to learn more about burlesque and after playing with the Skagway Burlesque Troupe in 2017, he was hooked! He is absolutely thrilled to be working with the amazing, and incredibly talented artists in the troupe, and is also excited to see more of the beautiful state that captured his heart


Harry, aka Harry


Harry was raised in Florida and really likes peninsulas, which is why he spends his summers in Alaska. He is also not a fan of humidity. He started playing trombone at age twelve and through his high school career played youth orchestras, British style brass bands, and jazz ensembles. He attended UCF as an education major until he realized that Florida's cuts to its arts budget meant a career in education was... a terrible idea. He is currently thrilled to be able to play with such an ensemble of talented people and in a setting he never thought he’d be in. His beard is 6 years old, and yes, Harry is his real name, dammit.


Cody, aka Codeman

Main Maestro

Cody is a self-taught guitarist and bassist who has been playing for twenty years. What started as a pastime became his main source of entertainment while spending summers in remote Alaska jamming for hours on end. In 2010 he was asked to move to Seattle to play in a band, and has since played in numerous projects from Seattle to Sitka. He got his first taste of burlesque style performing from Sitka’s Ramshackle Cabaret, and has since enjoyed participating, be it behind a guitar or front and center.


Sean, aka The Supple Leopard


Sean’s been playing bass since high school, starting out in an assortment of punk bands in Western Massachusetts before moving down to Athens, Georgia. Touring through most of the lower 48, playing a variety of coffee houses, bars, and living rooms with his dear friend Jesse in their group Grey Milk... once eating a 12-scoop ice cream sundae in a single sitting. Sean has called Skagway home for the past four years, playing bass and singing in projects Brother Brother Friend, Full-Time Foragers, and New Twin. He’s played with the Better Than Boobs Band since 2017 and he’s extremely excited to be a part of a wonderful collaboration with a bunch of talented folks! Sean rarely wears hats, but usually wears pants.